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Note: Minimum order value 326,00 kr
Förståelse för offeranoder i sötvatten: Varför magnesiumanoder är ett lämpligt val

Understanding fresh water anodes: Why magnesium anodes are an appropriate choice

Protect your boat from corrosion with proper anodes

What are boat anodes?

Boat anodes, also called victims or zinc, are made of a metal material that is more reactive than the boat's hull and drive system metal. The anodes are installed on the boat's hull and/or rudder and drive system to protect them from corrosion by attracting and corroding first.


Why are fresh water anodes important for boats in fresh water?

Although fresh water does not lead electricity as well as salt water, it still contains minerals and other substances that can cause corrosion. The use of anodes helps to prevent this by creating a path for the electric current to flow, protecting the boat's hull and drive system.

Why is magnesium ancestry a suitable choice for boats in fresh water?

Magnesium anodes are an excellent choice for boats in fresh water because they have a higher driving voltage than aluminum or zinc anodes, making them more reactive and effective in preventing corrosion in fresh water. They are also a more environmentally friendly alternative because they have a lower impact on aquatic life compared to other types of anodes.

Advantages of using magnesium as fresh water anodes:

  • High protection against corrosion
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Cost -effective

How often should anodes be replaced in freash water?

Are there specific guidelines for when you should replace fresh water anodes, or is it a matter of simply changing them once they are depleted?

A useful rule of thumb is to replace the anode when it has worn down to approximately 35-45% of its original size. The rationale behind this recommendation lies in the fact that as the anode loses mass, its chemical composition changes, leading to reduced protection capabilities. Failing to replace the anode at this stage could increase the risk of corrosion.


How do you choose the right magnesium anode for your boat?

To choose the right magnesium anode on your boat, you need to take into account the size and type of your boat, the water you will sail in and the type of metal that needs to be protected. It is best to consult our corrosion protection experts who can help you determine the right size and type of anode for your boat.

Now that you understand the importance of boat anodes for boats in fresh water and why magnesium anodes are a suitable choice, it is time to protect your boat from corrosion. Contact us today To learn more about our selection of high quality magnesium anodes and how they can benefit your boat's maintenance.

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Need help with boat/ship projecting?

Are you maybe wondering how many anodes are needed to give your boat/ship the right type of protection, or how the anodes should be placed to give the most protection?

 Picture of a ship blueprint

We at Anodefactory have over 30 years of experience in corrosion protection and would be more than happy to share our expertise to help you achieve the most cost-effective and efficient corrosion solution possible.

Contact us today, and let us assist you in calculating your freshwater anode needs

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